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Something we’re frequently asked by fans is: “What do you guys listen to?” At the end of the day music is so much of our identity and so it’s important for us to answer this question in the easiest yet most comprehensive way possible. With that - we introduce to you: NEEDTOBREATHE’s on-going Spotify Mixtape. Four themes that seemed to cover all of our bases are songs that are: Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue. We’re launching these 4 seperate playlists so you can acquaint yourself with the themes. However, be sure to follow the on-going playlist at the bottom of the page as each Monday (#mixtapemonday) we'll be tossing in four songs, one song per theme! Next to the playlist we'll write a tiny bit about some of the additions. Happy listening!.

Updated each Monday (#mixtapemonday)

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Updated each Monday (#mixtapemonday)


Our favorite older songs - like wine, they get better with age

Week 1
Bob Dylan - When I Paint My Masterpiece (Demo)
Can't believe we're just now hearing this demo 45 years after it was cut.Richard Manuel from The Band playing the keys.
Kashmir - Graceland
Love this band. Much more diamonds to come from them including one of Bo's top 5 songs of all time, but this is a great track and intro to the band. Love the lyric here, especially considering they are a Danish band named after the northwestern region of the Indian sub continent and they're singing about Memphis.
Supergrass - Grace
This song was recorded at Helioscentric Studios in the English countryside where we recorded our first record "Daylight".
Motopony - Euphoria
Beautiful patient song.
James Brown - Super Bad, Part 1 + 2
After all these years, he is still super bad.

Contemporary songs we’re digging

Week 1
Ages and Ages - Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)
Caught this song spinning on Lightning 100 in Nashville. Very catchy and fresh. Try not singing it in your head all day.
John Mark McMillian - Monsters Talk
One of many standout tracks on JMM's record "Borderland."
Willie Nelson - Whenever You Come Around
I Love the delivery of this song. Willie's still got it - what an incredible songwriter.
Jack White - High Ball Stepper
You can't listen to this song and not picture yourself in a movie, robbing a bank or blowing something up.
Bob Schneider - The Effect
Catchy ditty and a nod sylistically to one of our favorites, Paul Simon.

Songs from our friend’s, Labelmates, Tourmates, covers and more!

Week 1
Ivan & Alyosha - Running for Cover
Tourmates on our 2013 Stomping Ground Tour!
Shovels & Rope - Birmingham
Michael Trent of S&R helped produce a number of songs on "Rivers In the Wasteland," also they're fellow Charlestonians. Love this band!
Dr Dog - Heart It Races (Architecture in Helsinki Cover)
We happen to share the same management as Dr Dog. Great groove version.
Frightened Rabbit - Old Old Fashioned
An older song from a band I fell in love with about 2 years ago. Scottish mates and labelmates.
Robert Francis - Junebug
An under-appreciated artist and former labelmate. From a record that we preach to everyone - "Before Nightfall."
Our favorite songs for when we’re feelin’ down
Week 1
Junior Kimbrough - Sad Days Lonely Nights
Just recently been turned on to Junior's music. Love that it sounds like he recorded it in his kitchen in one take. Flaws and all.
Spoon - Written In Reverse
This is one of my favorite bands and this song in particular is one of the top 5 most played in my iTunes. Very contagious rhythms.
Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (Live)
The undeniable Levon Helm and the Band absolutely laying it down in this live version.
Keb' Mo' - Am I Wrong
When Bear first picked up the glass slide he cut his teeth learning this song. I saw my brother in a different way once he could sing and play this one at the same time. I thought...he may have a future.
The Black Crowes - God's Got It
The Crowes are easily one of only a handful of bands that has continued to influence us from the moment we first picked up the guitars.